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Reduce Your Digital Footprint

Protecting your whole-home from possible incursions, attacks and exploits.

Use our unique approach to beat Big Data.

ISP Firewall

Most home networks are not secure enough. A typical network is only one physical / logical segment. The more devices you add into this segment the more possible vulnerabilities you introduce into your home.

Antivirus Software

Patching, Antivirus and Anti-malware are mandatory, but these measure alone cannot protect you against brand-new attacks. What would you do if you came home one day to discover your bank accounts drained and all credit cards maxed out?

Online Predators

Cyber criminals are targeting children with offers of video game hacks, friendship to get them to click a link that would grant them access to their gaming console, tablet or phone.  One naive click is all it takes to gain access to every device in your home that connects to the Internet.

IoT Firmware

Critical Firmware updates are often not applied to appliances like televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and even security cameras, which leaves those devices vulnerable for exploit.

These group of devices have to be segmented so that in case of a potential breach, the Hacker cannot use any of these devices as a pivot point to attack high asset Workstations.

Convenience Kills Privacy

Using the same credentials on multiple devices could potentially leak information when privacy protections are not installed on apps.

Network segmentation

• up to 5 different zones

• no flat network

• Site to Site VPN

• VPN on demand

• logical device segments

• prevents lateral attacks

• Ad blocker 

• Work from Home Privacy

Best Practice


Why you should choose CyberPrivacy


A team of Security and Privacy Experts at your fingertips

Driven by personal experience

Engaged in a forward thinking environment to balance today’s online requirements

Passionate in protecting YOUR privacy


Whole-Home Security

• Next Generation Firewall

• Managed devices

• Firmware updates

• Network Zoning

• Secure Internet Access

• Whole-Home wireless Coverage

Protect Your Family

Identity Protection • GEO-Tracking Protection • Compromised Site and Traffic Protection • Segmented Networking for Children • Segmented Networking for IoT Appliances  • Unique Zoning Credentials

Support and Reporting

Automated Monitoring and Alerts • FREE Hardware Replacement • FREE Hardware Upgrades • Automated Firmware • Updates on Hardware • Automated backups of your configuration • Easy to Understand Reports • Convenient Technical Support • Real-time Rouge Device Protection

All Inclusive:

  • Monitored and updated
  • Next Generation hardware
  • Configuration backup
  • Tech support
  • 36-month service contract (6/9 years available)
  • Real time rogue device detection
  • On demand device inventory report
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