Attorneys General Ask Facebook to Drop Plans for Instagram for Kids

Morning Brew by Alex Hickey

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We all hate Facebook. So why aren’t we deleting our accounts?

Mashable by Christianna Silva

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New Scam Uses Your Phone Number To Trick Others

KSL by Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage

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Amazon Alexa Skills May Pose Security Threats

Commercial Integrator by Adam Forziati

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Why This Facebook Privacy Settlement Is Unusual

GovInfoSecurity by Scott Ferguson

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5 Emotions Used in Social Engineering Attacks

SercureWorldExpo by Bruce Sussman

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The hidden fingerprint inside your photos

BBC by Jerone Andrews

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5 Emotions Used in Social Engineering Attacks [with Examples]

What is social engineering and how does it effect you? What can you do to fight back against it? What should you avoid when someone tries to manipulate you?

Here is a breakdown of how social engineering works and how you can avoid falling for it, along with some examples of what social engineering looks like.

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Experts tips and tricks

You are in the right place!

Your are not alone!

We understand your concerns and have compiled a list a our suggested tips and tricks to reduce your digital footprint.

Free Family DNS filter service offers free filters for your Home network. Follow this link for instructions:

Cleanbrowsing Family DNS filtering

Freeze your credit!

Credit Freeze information

Trans Union: 1-888-909-8872

Equifax: 1-800-349-9960

Experian: 1-888-397-3742

Browser passwords

While not having to enter your credentials into a website portal every time you log in, might be convenient, but  best practice recommends against it. Your stored Browser password could be viewed by an unauthorized user. Instead use a Master Password for each browser or a Password Manager like PasswordBoss

Don't link accounts

Don’t associate your social media accounts with other accounts.

When you create a new account, you might be asked to log in, or connect with your social media account. Best practice recommends against that step. You might allow personal information to be shared between those accounts. Read the End User License   Agreement BEFORE you click accept. 



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Windows 10 Privacy settings

The Windows 10 Privacy Settings You Should Check Right Now

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IoT Device Threats and Attacks Scenarios

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