Originally posted at ZDNet by Steve Ranger

Many companies have spent the last couple of months scrambling to deploy new systems to manage the security risks surrounding remote working. And with working from home likely to become much more prevalent, it seems there’s still plenty more work to do.

For most staff, remote working has been a new experience: more than 80% of respondents said they either rarely worked from home or not at all prior to the pandemic, according to research by IBM.

But half of the 2,000 remote workers who responded said they were doing so with no new security policies to help guide them; a similar proportion said they were worried about security threats in their new home-office settings.

“Business activities that were once conducted in protected office environments, and monitored under specific policies, have quickly transitioned to new, and potentially less secure territory,” said IBM, pointing to the example of customer service agents who worked in closely managed call centers, but who are now managing sensitive customer data at home…

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