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The quick spread of the coronavirus triggered an equally quick transition toward a remote workforce among many organizations across the globe. But because of the abruptness of that shift, security has sometimes taken a back seat as organizations rushed to ramp up this new and evolving environment.

A report published Wednesday by identity management company SailPoint describes some of the key security risks posed by such a rapid change toward remote work.

For its report “The Cybersecurity Pandora’s Box of Remote Work,” SailPoint surveyed 9,000 people across six countries: the US, UK, France, German, Australia, and New Zealand. Asking the respondents if they’ve been working remotely since the start of COVID-19, the survey tried to determine the different security risks facing organizations as they’ve shifted to a remote work climate.

Among the 36% of US respondents who reported working remotely since the pandemic began, 79% said they’ve been working full time (30+ hours per week). The number of people working remotely was even higher in other countries, such as 51% in the UK, 49% in New Zealand, and 52% in Germany…

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