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There’s been a significant rise in organizations encountering malware attacks on remote devices over the course of the past year as employees have been forced to work from home.)

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has resulted in more remote working than ever before and both organizations and employees have had to quickly adapt to this new environment and the additional challenges that come with it.

One of those challenges is cyber criminals attempting to take advantage of remote workers’ insecure PCs as an entry point into corporate networks.

As a result of this, there’s been a rise in malware attacks targeting remote workers and, according to cybersecurity company Wandera’s Cloud Security Report 2021, over half of organizations – 52% – experienced a malware incident on a remote device. That’s up from just 37% of organizations experiencing malware attacks on remote devices during 2019.

In many instances, cyber criminals are taking advantage of known vulnerabilities in software to help deliver malware under the radar, as users struggle with software management and patch installation without the direct aid of a corporate IT team…

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