Originally posted at NPR by Shannon Bond

Angela McNamara’s first hint that her Facebook account had been hacked was an early-morning email warning that someone was trying to log into her account.

“If this is not you, don’t worry, we’re keeping your account safe,” she recalls the email from Facebook saying. But her relief only lasted a minute, when another email arrived, saying her password had been changed. Then another, notifying her that a two-factor authentication — an extra layer of security — had been set up for her account.

“And then from there I’m just like, ‘OK, it is gone,’ ” said McNamara, who lives outside Toronto. She tried Facebook’s automated process to recover her account: getting a backup code, resetting her password. But nothing worked.

This has been happening to a lot of people lately, and the experience has left many users nearly as frustrated with the social network as they are with the hackers. In July, NPR received 19 emails from listeners complaining that their Facebook accounts had been hacked or disabled. People share similar tales of woe on Reddit forums and Twitter every day.

Some became so desperate that they shelled out hundreds of dollars to buy a virtual reality headset in an attempt to get Facebook to restore their accounts…

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