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We all hate Facebook. So why aren’t we deleting our accounts?

When Naydeline Mejia joined Facebook in 2011, she used it constantly. 

“I wasn’t on Twitter yet, and Instagram hadn’t really popped off at that time,” Mejia, a 22-year-old in New York City, told Mashable. “I was probably on the platform every day, if not every other day. I would use it to connect with friends from school, and as an alternative for texting with Facebook Messenger.”

Then, a few years ago, she started logging on less and less frequently. Her attention was being pulled by Instagram, where more of her friends were. Now, she says she is “almost never on Facebook.” But she hasn’t deleted her account.

More than three billion people use Facebook every month — and nearly 2.6 billion are active users who log onto the platform every day, according to Facebook. That leaves about 400 million people who have Facebook accounts but don’t log on often. It’s not so much that they love the platform itself, but it’s that Facebook has become such a staple in our lives on the internet that deleting it completely doesn’t feel like an option if you want to remember birthdays, log onto other platforms, or keep up with far-flung acquaintances…

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