Originally posted on KSL by Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage

New Scam Uses Your Phone Number To Trick Others

WEST JORDAN — Over the past week, the KSL Investigators have received numerous tips from Utahns selling stuff online who have been hit by a new scam that uses their phone numbers to scam others.

If your phone number can be found anywhere on the internet, you could be at risk.

Jay Schmidt has used online classifieds to sell miscellaneous items before. When he posted some new ads last week, he figured he’d hear the usual lines from scam artists pushing their bogus cashier’s checks on him like every time before. But this time around, he heard something new.

“(He) says, ‘Hey, I need to make sure you’re who you really are so I’m going to send you a six-digit code. Will you just send the six-digit code back to me?”

It seemed like a fair ask to Schmidt, he didn’t see the harm. When he received that six-digit code, he sent it back to his potential buyer as he was asked…

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