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Facebook Wants to ‘Normalize’ the Mass Scraping of Personal Data

Facebook wants to “normalize” the idea that large scale scraping of user data from social networks like its own is a common occurrence, as the company continues to face fallout from a leak of over 500 million Facebook users’ phone numbers.

Facebook’s position came to light in an internal email accidentally sent by a Facebook representative to a journalist at Dutch Publication DataNews. Facebook confirmed the authenticity of the email to Motherboard.

Under the heading “LONG-TERM STRATEGY,” the email reads that “Assuming press volume continues to decline [around the recent 500 million phone numbers leak], we’re not planning additional statements on this issue. Longer term, though, we expect more scraping incidents and that it’s important to both frame this as a broad industry issue and normalize the fact that this activity happens regularly.” The email adds that Facebook is planning to publish a blog post that talks about the company’s anti-scraping work…

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