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Google Chrome Knows Too Much About You: Here’s What To Do

Google has finally admitted to just how much data the Chrome web browser harvests from its users, and it’s much more than any other popular browser.

So what does Google Chrome know about you? What data does it collect? And how you can get out from under Google’s microscope?

Chrome’s Data Collection is Out of Control
Apple’s privacy label requirement for apps on the iOS and Mac App Stores has forced Google to put Chrome’s data collection, the browser used by billions around the globe, on full display.

Chrome’s privacy label details the extreme amount of data it collects from its users. Forbes reports that Chrome not only collects significantly more data than other popular browsers; it also links virtually all collected data back to its users. Other browsers leave at least some collected data anonymous, but not so with Chrome.

One of Google’s search engine competitors, DuckDuckGo, tweeted an image showcasing the shocking amount of information that Chrome, as well as the Google app itself, may collect and link back to you.

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