Gephardt: New Venmo scam can drain your bank account

Many people use apps like Zelle or Venmo because they make it really convenient to share money between friends and family – and scammers know it.

They’re targeting people who use the apps and, in some cases, stealing their money.

It happened to a Taylorsville man who was actively taking steps to prevent fraud. So how did he end up bamboozled out of more than $1,000?

Cameron Howell is always suspicious about calls from numbers he doesn’t know. So when he got a call from Venmo Support saying something fishy was going on with his account, he was suspicious from the get-go.

“I looked up on my phone while I was on the phone call,” he said. “It was Venmo Support’s phone number that they called me.”

The caller told Howell someone was trying to hack his account, and she was going to stop it.

He said she read him his password….

By Matt Gephardt, KSL TV | Posted – Dec. 22, 2020 at 11:04 a.m.

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